Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gustav 2

Gustav has turned a little to the left! It is still too early to tell what will happen but this is a good sign. We have reservations for Friday-Monday at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi so I think we are in the clear for that. I am still worried about my friends and family that lost everything 3 years ago (me included) this Friday, really don't think they could go through it again. Most of them have just put their lives back together. Yesterday I found out that Hattiesburg, MS has sold out of bottled water, and there were lines for gas. People have been calling and emailing me about hotels in Bham to evacuate, Jackson, MS hotels are all sold out, and there is even a rumor that Jim Cantore has checked into the Imperial Palace Casino in Biloxi. The Miss Gulf Coast is SCRAMBLING!!! I hope and pray this storm misses them!!!!


What I Know said...

if it's hitting Tues at 1 am, then that means you guys need to get up on Monday and hit the road before the traffic starts...if there is still a scare. I would say the roads will get pretty packed by mid afternoon. Remember evacuating katrina...that was miserable.

Anna said...

Actually, the funny thing is - is that south of I-10 - you can get all the bottled water/gas you need... but it's everyone north of I-10 that's gone crazy! Ironic, no?