Monday, January 31, 2011

Catching up with Mississip friends

2 weeks ago I went to Missisip for the weekend to catch up with some of my girlfriends, my family, exchange some wedding gifts, and pick up my new Walter Anderson painting Rick bought me for Christmas. Friday night I stayed in Hattiesburg with Chirissy. We met Bonnie & Taylor for a drink @ Cork. B & T both have 2 little girls that keep them pretty so getting to actually sit down and catch up was FABULOUS!!! Chrissy as always was an amazing host. I LOVE hotel FANCY!
Saturday, I headed to the coast to celebrate my bestie Traic's birthday. It's crazy how many birthdays we have celebrated together. I love her!
After dinner at Manhattan Grill, we headed to the Beau Rivage. It was such a fun night. I also got to catch up with my old friend Leigh.
Sunday I spent the night with my brother and his family. Monday it was back to Bham. It was an exhausting, beautiful, fun, fabulous weekend! GREAT to see everyone. Rick and I will be back for Mardi Gras.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am way behind, but Rick went to Glendale, AZ earlier this month for the BCS National Championship game, and cheer on his Alma Mater Auburn. Rick isn't much on details, so all I know is it was AWESOME. They went to an "AMAZING" party the night before the game that Charles Barkley hosted @ the W hotel, and there were lots of famous professional athletes there, Donavon McNabb was one of the many. Rick was pretty excited about this, well as excited as RB gets. The day of the game they parked at the stadium, and ran in to some old frat brothers who were parked 3 cars down from them, that they hadn't seen in years. I did send my camera with him and threaten his life if he didn't take lots of pics. Here are some of the best:
Outside the stadium.
Old college buds.

College and high school buds.

Rick's friend Andy (above) came through with his ticket 3 days before the game. THANK YOU ECHOLS!!!! I am so glad that Rick went to AZ and was able to be a part of AUBURN becoming the NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! WAR EAGLE RICKY BOBBY!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow/Ice Day 2011

While Rick was out of town for the National Championship, Bham got a snow day. It was actually more ice than snow. So I played outside for a few minutes with my ADORABLE neighbors. I just adore them.
This is Chloe.
And this sweet baby is Lola.
They were all bundled up, and so stinking cute. This wasn't very fun for them as all the snow was iced over, and very slippery! I do have to give them credit, they gave it a shot.
P.S. Before Rick left for sunny Arizona, he did ask if I needed any canned goods from the grocery store and said he would go get them for me. He also told me where all his ski gear was in case I had to walk 3 miles to his brother's house. I'm so sure I'm going to open up a can of food eat that, then trek 3 miles in the snow. Thanks RB!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NYE 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Rick and I along with our friends Beth, Kyle, and Matthew headed to Atlanta to celebrate the new year. I insisted on doing something fun since last year I did absolutely nothing while Rick tiled the bathroom shower. That was ZERO fun! We had so much fun in Atl for the SEC Championship we decided to go back. My friend Liz is from there and told us about this fab party at Park Tavern, so we all went, Liz included. The deal was a set price for all you can drink (top shelf included), food, party favors, and FUN!
The girls.

Our crew.
The AWESOME band. Yacht Rock, if they are ever playing in your town, GO SEE THEM! SO MUCH FUN!!!! We stayed front row all night!!!!

Pics with the band members were a must!
It was a FABULOUS way to end the most amazing year of my life and ring in a new one! I love Atlanta and I LOVED the Atlanta Loews Hotel. Bring on 2011!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our 1st official McKibbin Christmas

This is the only pic I have from our 1st Christmas. Not good, but it will have to do. Doesn't Rick look thrilled?
We celebrated with Rick's family the Wed before Christmas at our house, then left for my parent's house in Little Rock Christmas Eve. Christmas seemed so short this year since it was on a Saturday. BOO! Short trip to LR, and we were back Sunday, and back at work Monday. Rick did FABULOUS on the gifts this year. He has always been a one gifter (as in he gets me one gift, and that's it). I reminded him that he is now my husband, and he is in charge of the little things too. My gifts were: a dress, the Sean Payton book "HOME TEAM", and a gift certificate for the painting I have been eyeing for a while. I was SO IMPRESSED! Rick's gift: a trip to the national championship. It was definitely a Christmas to remember. Here is the only other pic I have from the holidays, its a pic from my company holiday party.
The McKibbins

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Decor

Here are a few pics of our Christmas decorations. This was the first year I actually tried to make our house look festive. My mom also came to visit on her way to Destin, and she is SUPER CRAFTY! So anything that looks fab, she probably did. This pic does our supper colorful tree no justice. I LOVE LOTS OF BRIGHT COLORS!!!
Got to have the fleur de lis in there somewhere (WHO DAT!). My mom did this creative masterpiece, and she also made all of our stockings. I did not get my mom's crafty genes. So sad.

Guess who decorated the door??? Yep, super mom. Isn't it so stinking cute!! I was so proud!!!!
THANKS mom for making our house and first married Christmas so festive! LOVE YOU!