Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bathroom progress weeks 2-3

I know these pics aren't very exciting, and don't show much progress, but this is where we are as of today. Rick has had A LOT Of set backs. He worked on the old plumbing for an entire day, only to have to re-do it all! He put up all new sheet rock, and a new ceiling, cement board on the walls around the tub and shower, and did new electrical wiring. None of which look like much, but are all very time consuming. The behind the scenes work is no fun, but as you can see he did start with the first row of tile in the shower (the shower is MY main focus!!!), so now all the hard work Rick is doing will start to show. We are on our 3rd week of not showering at home and WOW it is a challenge. Thank GOD for our friend Katherine letting us bring our shower bag and shower every night. She is a doll for being welcoming. Stay tuned, the next bathroom post will HOPEFULLY show lots of progress.
New ceiling.
First row of tile!!!
New floor.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Crew Christmas Party

Friday before last we went to Rick's crew's Christmas party. Most of these guys have been friends since they were kids so it is pretty entertaining when they all get together, as you can see from the pics. We had a great time, enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bathroom progress Days 1-3:

Rick started Monday morning with the demo on the bathroom, and here is what it looks like after 3 days:

Yes, that is our basement you can see in the middle of the pic above, floor has a few holes right now.
I am SUPER EXCITED about having a new bathroom!! The down side.....we have NO SHOWER!!!!!!!! SO, we are having to go to friends houses and shower, which is a HUGE pain, especially since it is freezing outside. People told me when we remodeled the kitchen that if a couple can make it through remodeling they can make it through anything. I thought, whatev, that was a breeze! Well, now I see why they say that!! I know it is totally worth it, but this is a real challenge. Updates to come, keep us in your prayers.

Bathroom BEFORE:

So this is our bathroom, well was our bathroom. Remember the mini makeover I did a few months back? Well, now we have started the REAL MAKEOVER!! So just make note that this is BEFORE, so STAY TUNED!

Friday, December 4, 2009

FREE Christmas cards!

Ok, so I heard that you could go to and order Christmas cards, put in a promo code and they would be FREE!!! SO, I tried it, and guess what.....IT WORKS!!! The original code I heard about didn't work anymore, but I went to my fav site RetailMeNot and found a new one.
Here's what you do: Go to the site, upload your pics, make your card, put 50 in your cart, and at check out put NEWBABY in as the promo code, BAM! Free Christmas cards. Now, they are not the most fabulous cards ever, but they are in fact FREE. All you have to pay is shipping. My total for 50 cards was $6.47 (I upgraded shipping), what a DEAL!!! Let me know if you do this! ENJOY!!!