Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bathroom progress Days 1-3:

Rick started Monday morning with the demo on the bathroom, and here is what it looks like after 3 days:

Yes, that is our basement you can see in the middle of the pic above, floor has a few holes right now.
I am SUPER EXCITED about having a new bathroom!! The down side.....we have NO SHOWER!!!!!!!! SO, we are having to go to friends houses and shower, which is a HUGE pain, especially since it is freezing outside. People told me when we remodeled the kitchen that if a couple can make it through remodeling they can make it through anything. I thought, whatev, that was a breeze! Well, now I see why they say that!! I know it is totally worth it, but this is a real challenge. Updates to come, keep us in your prayers.


LG said...

I've been dying to see these pictures! That is quite a project but definately one that is WORTH IT! cant wait to see the whole process. Ricky Bobby is like WAY talented to be able to do this himself. He is my hero.

10timesbetter said...

Quite a bit o fwork to do, still with enough effort you should end up with a nice bathroom

BamaTrav said...

I like your blog name. Ha.