Friday, December 4, 2009

FREE Christmas cards!

Ok, so I heard that you could go to and order Christmas cards, put in a promo code and they would be FREE!!! SO, I tried it, and guess what.....IT WORKS!!! The original code I heard about didn't work anymore, but I went to my fav site RetailMeNot and found a new one.
Here's what you do: Go to the site, upload your pics, make your card, put 50 in your cart, and at check out put NEWBABY in as the promo code, BAM! Free Christmas cards. Now, they are not the most fabulous cards ever, but they are in fact FREE. All you have to pay is shipping. My total for 50 cards was $6.47 (I upgraded shipping), what a DEAL!!! Let me know if you do this! ENJOY!!!

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