Wednesday, May 27, 2009

McKibbin kido time

The past month we have spend a good bit of time with Rick's niece and nephew. I missed Claire's dance recital (which I was really sad about), so I went to her last dance class where and they wore their costumes. Each class was a country and Claire's class was Germany.
Another night we went to their house to eat pizza, and play. Here are Lilly and Lucy trying to be friends.
And Aunt Kat taught Claire to make a necklace out of flowers in the yard.

We also went to Andrew's last soccer game.

Fun times with the McKibbin kids.

Thirsty Thursday

I am just catching up since my computer has been sick, and now she is all better. A couple Thursday's ago, we went to Thirsty Thursday at the Birmingham Barons baseball game. The weather was perfect, at least for that one night. We had a blast! Here are a few pics:
Matthew & me
The guys were thirsty.

Michelle and I were too!

After the game we all went to a new place in the Colonnade, Black Market. Really nice place. Great Thursday night with friends.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lilly and her bone

This is what happens when we give Lilly a real bone, and try to get it away from her. Notice how she extends her neck to cover the bone when we try to take it. This is really fun for us!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol: Kris Allen

BTW, I voted for Kris 50 times last night!!! I was a HUGE ANOOP fan, but since Kris is from Arkansas, and I have some roots in Little Rock, I am all for Kris now. I can't believe I let myself get SO involved in Idol this year. Still LOVE ANOOP!

Local Shihtzu Rep...

Meet Emma, she has recently found a home with a family friend of ours. A few weeks ago when Lilly and I were in Destin, a family friend of ours came to stay with us, and just LOVED little Lilly. The week after the trip, she went home and found miss Emma. This is the 2nd Shihtzu that has found a home because of my baby Lilly. I know I am a little partial, but Lilly is a VERY laid back dog, eats when she feels like it, lets you know when she needs to go out, doesn't chew on anything, doesn't bark much, and is so cute it hurts, what more could you ask for? So I have decided she is the local marketing rep for the shihtzu breed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coming soon....

New updates are coming soon, I promise. My computer should be here this week, and I have lots to share. Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A VERY MUDDY Steeplechase

This past weekend we headed to Nashville for the Iroquois Steeplechase! I was super excited, and love any event where you get to wear a big hat. Walker & Matt's friend from college, Brad, really was a great host. He owns 4 bard on Broadway, and also has 4 tents at the actual race. He was the best! Our hotel was one block off of Broadway, so this worked out great! Friday we went to one of the 4 bars, The Stage, and this place was packed, I loved it. Saturday was an early day, so we tried not to stay out too late the night before. Race day started out interesting, the weather was not ideal, so we waited it out a little while, then headed to the park. Let me tell you, the walk into Steeplechase was a DISASTER!!!!! MUD, MUD, and MORE MUD!!! /cars were getting stuck just pulling into the parking lot. We all had to take our shoes off for the walk, and had mud past our ankles. I DO NOT do barefoot, and there was no other option. Half way to the tent, I was over it and wanted to go home. I had my entire outfit coordinated, and planned out, and this mud was really throwing me for a loop. Mud splattered on my dress, mud in my pedicure, mud, mud, mud. Finally we made it to the setup, after a short detour from Walker, and I could not have been happier. The setup was perfect, and once we cleaned the mud off. Brad's tent was directly on the racetrack. We bet on horses, drank, ate, wore shrimp boots to go to the restroom, what more could you ask for? Saturday night we went to another of Brad's bars, Crossroads, but Rick and I couldn't hang too long, and were in bed by 11. It was a GREAT weekend, and I see many Steeplechases in my future.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Destin in May

Once or twice a year my mom and her girlfriends (which are usually my friends moms) and me and my girlfriends (Traci & Marcia this year) go to our beach house on 30-A just past Destin. This trip was one of the best. My friend Liz just so happened to be down there with her family the fist 2 days we were there, so she played with us, as was my dear friend from high school Martin. We all went to Baytowne Wed. night and Thursday Martin took us out on the boat. By the way, being on a boat in the gulf is one of my favorite things ever!!!! The boat trip was FABULOUS!!! Then Friday my fabulous girlfriend from high school Jacquie and Ashley were in town so I went to spend the night with them and catch up. Let me just say I have the best group of friends from high school, we can not talk for a day, a month, a year, and it is like nothing has changed. Saturday, mom, her crew, my crew, we all did a little shopping at Seaside, then after shopping drinks @ Bud & Ally's. Saturday night, I got to meet up with another fabulous friend Khara, from college. Sunday it was time to head home, after a LOT of stress trying to pack the car. What a GREAT TRIP!!! Got to play with friends from all over, at my favorite place, THE BEACH!!! Thanks everyone for one of the best trips ever. Here are the pics:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Rock Wedding Weekend

Sorry for the lack of post, but my computer is still sick, and Rick's computer is SUPER slow. But I couldn't take it anymore so here I go. The past 3 weekends have been VERY VERY busy. I will start with the first of the 3 weekends. Rick and I headed to Little Rock, AR for my 10 th go at being a bridesmaid, in my step-sister Carrie & her boyfriend of 10yrs Justin's wedding. WE had a great time, and everything was just perfect. Everyone just LOVED Rick. My family really gave him star treatment, including a tour of the city in a fully stocked limo. I really enjoyed spending such a special weekend with my family and introducing Rick into the entire crew. Here are the pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RED couch for sale

I am selling my RED couch if anyone is interested or knows anyone who may be interested. I love this couch, but it doesn't "go" in our house. It is a great couch and has a chaise lounge attachment. Just wanted to put it out there. THANKS!

I LOVE Dave Matthews Band

So as I said before DMB is my favorite band of ALL TIME!!! I just love them. Well I thought I couldn't love them more than I do already then I got this email from LG. She forwarded it from one of her friends, here is what the email reads:

So true story. Getting my haircut today. Another client was there, her husband is some big shot in Nashville (owns a restaurant or something). Anyway, we were talking about the DMB concert, and she said that her husband's company had granted this boy from Franklin, TN last the Make a Wish thing. His wish was to go to NYC and see the DMB concert and meet the band. Well, so he goes to the concert, but at the end the band is running late and can't do the normal meet and greet. But they tell him to come to the concert in Nashville, and he can meet them there, etc. Well, he was too sick Saturday night to go.

Sad, right?

No. The lady in the salon said the boy's mother called and told her that the whole band came to their house after the concert. Stayed in that little boy's room until 1 am. How amazing is that? They kept their word to him. And now the sad part...he passed away this week. But, he got his last wish twice over...his parents told the lady that he was soooo happy and it was the first time in a long time that he hadn't been down and out.
I love DMB.

OMG! Is that not the BEST thing ever?!?! I love hearing stories like this. Reminds me there are good people out there still.