Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drew turns 12!!!!

Today is my precious nephew Andrew Bennett Dunn's 12 birthday! He is my heart! Drew plays almost every sport possible, makes good grades, and is PERFECT! Drew is named Andrew after my grandfather(the most wonderful man to ever walk the earth!), and the Bennett is my Dad & Brother's (Drew's dad) middle name. He was born when I was in 11th grade, so today I feel REALLY old! In high school I babysat for him all the time, and the summer before I left for Ole Miss my brother, sister-in-law, and Drew all lived with me. I don't get to see my family that much and days like this make me so sad that I don't live close enough to visit more often. Drew's little sister McKenzie calls him Drew Baby and he HATES it! She worships him. It is so sweet. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW BABY! My little Abercrombie model. I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pic from Mom

My mom just sent me this pic of her dog Bemer, so I thought I would share. Lazy Dog!


Today is my dear friend from high school, Tom's Birthday! YEAH! Tom is such a peach, and he is ALWAYS looking out for me. I adore him. He is a pharmacist at Bruno's in Hoover, so for all your drug needs, go see him. I hope this is your best birthday yet Tom, I love you!


Today is my sweet friend Laura Graham's birthday! Laura is the BLOG EXPERT! She is the one that got me started on blogging, as you all know, now I am obsessed! So everyone check out her blog, it is FABULOUS, and way better than mine. Here is the link: . She also updates hers more than I. So I hope you have a SUPER FABULOUS birthday LG! I love you!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mattie Caroline's Christening

Taylor and Drew had MCC christened this weekend, and she just looked like such a baby doll I couldn't resist putting up the pics!

Jeanine & Steve's wedding weekend

I am back in Bham after a long weekend in Hot Springs for the Pickering wedding, and everything was perfect! Thursday night we had a meet & greet at my parents house for the guest that came early. Friday,women's brunch, then bridesmaids manicures and lunch,rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. You know the tradition of the maid of honor giving a toast, well I really am horrible at this! I tried to keep it together, but was unsuccessful. I started talking about how long Jeanine and I have been friends, blah, blah, and how much I love her and cherish her friendship, then the tears started flowing. I had so much to say and had to cut it short because I couldn't stop crying. After the dinner a big group of us headed downtown to Capone's Ohio Club to hear this fabulous band that I am pretty sure was playing just for us! They were great and loved our group. It was a BLAST! Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! Courtney, Jacquie, Wes, and played in the sun, Wes made some fruity cocktails, and we all relaxed. WEDDING TIME! The wedding was perfect. She was married at Garvin Woodland Gardens, and this place is beautiful. So it was a great weekend, hope you guys enjoy all the pics (if I can get the slideshow to work).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Courtney & I made it to the lake today after a 6 hr drive to Little Rock, a few hours shopping there, then another hour drive to Hot Springs. Looks like they are ready for us! This fridge is stocked entirely with beverages, MOST ARE ADULT! Going to be a GREAT week! Wish you were all here! Oh, and Lilly jumped in the lake as soon as we got here, and has not stopped barking at the ducks.

Long Ride

Lilly was really excited to be in the car for 7 hours today! She was SO ENERGETIC!


Headed out to Arkansas! Stopping in Little Rock, then to Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. Courtney and I are so excited! I will be posting later tonight if I get time! Everyone enjoy work!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


YEAH! It's Anna's BIRTHDAY! Anna is a good friend of mine from high school, and when I moved to B'ham she also lived here. Since then she has married another friend of ours from high school, Chip Cole, and they are one of the sweetest couples EVER! It is amazing when you realize that happiness was in front of your face all along. I love these guys! Anna, I hope you have the best birthday ever. I know Chip will do something special, wish I could be there to help you celebrate! I LOVE YOU, and remember that I am thinking about you and sending happy thoughts from Birmingham.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Girls Night

We had a girls night at Jackson's in Homewood last Tuesday night. This was the only pics the girls would let me take! I think everyone is getting sick of my camera! DANG! Oh well, good night. Thanks for the pics Jess!


For the lack of post as of recent! I am totally behind. Not much going on since Destin. Went to bed at 8:30pm Friday night, Saturday night we cooked out at the Samford's house. Sunday out to Jordan's farm. Pretty laid back weekend. My fabulous friend Courtney is heading up here from Mobile tomorrow night, and we are hading to Hot Springs, AR EARLY Wed. morning for Jeanine's wedding festivities. I am the Maid of Honor, and I can't wait! My great friends Wes & Jacquie will be heading up from Baton Rouge, LA to meet us Friday, and we are all staying at my parents lake house. I am so excited about all the friends, family, and festivities. I will update along the way.

You're NOT leaving me!

The dogs sat in the car for an hour last week while we were packing up! It was so hot, and they REFUSED to get out of the car. As if we would leave them!

Destin Sunset with the Dogs

Last week while we were in Destin, Mom and the sweet pups enjoyed the beautiful sunset! These dogs, or as my mom says, "angels" are totally spoiled!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bemer's new life jacket

One of our purchases this past weekend in Destin was a new life jacket for my mom's dog Bemer. Because all dogs need a life jacket! This dog is TOTALLY spoiled, and up to date with doggie fashion. ROTTEN! He was less than thrilled to be wearing this jacket and have his picture made!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baytowne Wharf

My mom, Aunt Sarah, Ms. Debra Jean, Liz and I went to the wharf yesterday for an early dinner and we had fun in the giant chair!

Saturday night in Destin

Lizzy Bears
Tyler & I
Gautier crew
What a GREAT crew
Liz and I went to meet my ole Gautier friend Josh Beard at Baytowne Sat night, and we had a blast! I got to meet his new girlfriend, and I LOVE HER! Tara is great, so sweet and cute. Good job Josh. We also got to meet his friends Travis & Ben, those 2 are a trip! Oh, and Patrick Robbins was there too, and I got to meet his precious wife Felicia. It was so good to see Pat, I haven't seen him since high school. We went to Fat Tuesdays, Rum Runners, then headed to Blue Point @ the Destin Commons. We also ran into Tyler, a friend from Southern Miss. After all the stops, Liz told me she had never been to AJ's! So we head over to AJ's, because I couldn't resist the opportunity to introduce her to the famous Destin deck and bar. SHE LOVED IT! A $50 cab ride later we made it home at 6am! WOW! What a night!


Today is Lizzy's birthday, and we just got back from the gulf. We went out on a 62 foot Sea Ray with some friends of friends. Beautiful weather, beautiful boat, perfect day! Liz is ringing it in with a BANG! Happy Birthday Liz, I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beach Day 1

Beautiful day at the beach yesterday! PERFECT WEATHER! Sunburned and I love it! More pics to come.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Lilly and I are off to my family's beach house in Santa Rosa Beach, FL! So excited! Sweet Lizzy Kelley is meeting me in Montgomery and riding down with me so we can CELEBRATE HER BIRTHDAY! I will try to update the blog, but I feel sure I will have better things to do. Maybe not, so keep checking. I will have my phone so I may update with just pics. Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend! I know I will!

Q-tip jar

I know you guys are going to think I am a total nut, but I have been looking for something to keep Q-tips in forever! So I decided to google "q-tip holder" and I found one! I found this through amazon at a place called Stacks and Stacks. It came in last week, and it amazed me how such small things can excite me! I LOVE IT, and here is the picture filled with my q-tips. YEAH! I know you are all going to say I could have found that anywhere, but I looked and there was nothing. Real exciting stuff on the blog today!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Jack Johnson CD

I got the new Jack Johnson CD from Tim at my office the same time I got Ben Harper, but I liked BH so much I didn't give JJ a chance! Well now I have given ole Jack a listen, and it is GOOD! The new album is called "Sleeping Through The Static". I think the Ben Harper one is better, mostly because I think BH was more what I was into at the time, but Kelly thinks the Jack album is better. So check it out and let me know what you think!

Sick Mom = Bored Pup

Lilly and I went over to Rick's to take care of him Monday night, and well I got sick too. I had my mind set on food poisoning so I just knew I wasn't going to get sick, but I was wrong. I didn't catch it as bad as he did but I did get something. My mom always treated me like a total baby when I was sick as a child, and he told me I needed to be tough. I'm sure I was a total baby, and I do need to get tough. Mostly I just wanted my momma to baby me! I know, I am pitiful!

While we were sick, Lilly was BORED out of her mind! She found every pile of dust possible at Rick's house, and would come to me covered in dust bunnies. It was pretty funny. She kept looking at us, like are you guys just going to lay there or are you going to play with me?

Everyone is doing much better now, Lilly is at home, Rick is back at work and heading to North Carolina this afternoon, and I am feeling better and heading to Destin tomorrow after work. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Basketball Saturday

So, Saturday started out good, I cooked a full breakfast, and laid on the couch for a while. We were heading to the lake, but the power was out, so just had a lazy day. We went up to On Tap around 4pm to ensure we had a table for the Final Four Games. All was good, we ate, had a few beers, Memphis beat UCLA, and we decided to watch game 2 at my house. All was good until about 9pm when Rick started feeling sick, and then had full blown FOOD POISONING! It was pretty bad. Brad Robinson also heard me mention Pascagoula, and asked if I knew Elias Higdon, WELL BR, as a matter of fact.....Elias is one of my best friends from high school. What a small world. Elias and BR were frat brothers at Auburn, and really good friends. BR even made a trip or to the Beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. Rock on, now Elias needs to come to Bham and visit! Get well soon Ricky Bobby!

Metorite @ Oasis

John, Kel, & I
Brett, Rick, Stephen, & Walker
Rick & I
Nothing big this weekend. Friday we went to Oasis to see Meteorite. Fun music, fun crowd, fun laid back night. Rick reminded me that all his friends showed up, mine on the other hand, not so much. BUT KELLY AND JOHN DID! Thanks guys. The rest, thanks for nothing. I met Brett aka "Healthy", and I LOVE HIM! He shares my hatred for cig smoke, and we had a long talk about how much we HATE smoke, especially in small bars. I love Healthy! It was great to see Stephen & Walker too, they always crack me up. Blair & BR also came for a little while. Good night, low-key, just what I was looking for.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Naltopia Pedi

Kelly and I went to relax after a long week with pedicures @ Naltopia. Let me just tell you about this place, it is FABULOUS! In the pic are Tony & Aysia, and they do the best nails in Birmingham! Seriously, they are the awesome. It is so laid back, you feel like you are hanging out at home getting your nails done, they will give you wine and all the magazines you could imagine. It is all the way across town from me, and I still go because it is SO WORTH IT! So here is their address and number, if you are looking for a WONDERFUL mani & pedi, call them. Make sure you let them know you heard about them here. ENJOY!
100 Frankfurt Cir
Birmingham, AL 35211


TGIF! I am so excited about the weekend, and hoping for warm sunny weather! This is my first weekend in over a month with no big plans! I have traveled or had friends in town every weekend the past month, and I am so pumped to have a laid back weekend off! So here is this Friday's picture. Don't I look good in a bikini?! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS and safe weekend! MUCH LOVE!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


My friend Tim at work gave me the new Ben Harper CD, Lifeline, and it is GREAT! he gave it to me last week before I headed to Mississip, and I listened to it the entire trip. I LOVE IT! It is a great CD to get you read for the warm weather I hope is here to stay. Laid back sittin on your porch music. I strongly suggest everyone check it out. ENJOY, and let me know what you think. Happy Thursday!

Upside down sleep?

Ok, I think this is totally normal! Rick says he has never seen a dog sleep on her back. He seemed concerned for her health, it was really funny. Lilly does this all the time, and I guess I just assumed all dogs do this. Does anyone else's dog sleep like this?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We took Kelly to the DMV today to get her license back, and Lilly was so BORED! She explored the car as much as possible even checking out the back window. Kelly can officially drive again. YEAH! I know she was so sick of not being able to drive her own car. Did anyone get any good April fools jokes yesterday? We totally forgot until about 9 last night, and it was too late. BOO! So I need to hear some stories if you have some! Happy Hump Day everyone!


Little Miss Reese Tyrone is back! She had her picture taken with Seymour the Southern Miss mascot at a birthday party this weekend, and I just HAD to share! GO EAGLES!