Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday night in Destin

Lizzy Bears
Tyler & I
Gautier crew
What a GREAT crew
Liz and I went to meet my ole Gautier friend Josh Beard at Baytowne Sat night, and we had a blast! I got to meet his new girlfriend, and I LOVE HER! Tara is great, so sweet and cute. Good job Josh. We also got to meet his friends Travis & Ben, those 2 are a trip! Oh, and Patrick Robbins was there too, and I got to meet his precious wife Felicia. It was so good to see Pat, I haven't seen him since high school. We went to Fat Tuesdays, Rum Runners, then headed to Blue Point @ the Destin Commons. We also ran into Tyler, a friend from Southern Miss. After all the stops, Liz told me she had never been to AJ's! So we head over to AJ's, because I couldn't resist the opportunity to introduce her to the famous Destin deck and bar. SHE LOVED IT! A $50 cab ride later we made it home at 6am! WOW! What a night!


LG said...

Dang that sounds fun! I wanna go to the beach!! Baytown rocks!

Lizzy said...

match j crew bracelets $14

dinner at Baytown with a bunch of drunks $19

cab ride from A.J.'s to Santa Rosa $50

62 foot yacht PRICELESS

Candice Marie said...