Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drew turns 12!!!!

Today is my precious nephew Andrew Bennett Dunn's 12 birthday! He is my heart! Drew plays almost every sport possible, makes good grades, and is PERFECT! Drew is named Andrew after my grandfather(the most wonderful man to ever walk the earth!), and the Bennett is my Dad & Brother's (Drew's dad) middle name. He was born when I was in 11th grade, so today I feel REALLY old! In high school I babysat for him all the time, and the summer before I left for Ole Miss my brother, sister-in-law, and Drew all lived with me. I don't get to see my family that much and days like this make me so sad that I don't live close enough to visit more often. Drew's little sister McKenzie calls him Drew Baby and he HATES it! She worships him. It is so sweet. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW BABY! My little Abercrombie model. I LOVE YOU!