Monday, March 30, 2009

Orange Beach March 09

We went to Orange Beach this past weekend to stay at Rick's friend Pappy's place. We started Friday @ Lulu's because my mom insisted. The food wasn't fabulous, but we had a good time.


Later that night Mary came to meet us at the Wharf. We had a blast, and were SO happy to see her.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Tacky Jack's, and let me tell you....BEST BREAKFAST EVER!!! Best omelet I've ever had, over looking the water, mimosa, what more could I want? We even went back Sunday morning. YUMMY!!!

Good realxing weekend.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will & Lilly love to stroll...

I babysat/played with my little friend Will last week, and we had so much fun. I took Will & Lilly to Homewood Park, and they rode in the stroller together. I just thought it was so cute, I had to share.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Grass update

WE HAVE GRASS!!! The grass Rick planted a few weeks ago has started to show! Seriously a month ago, this was very hard dirt, and now look. Lilly is going to love playing in the new grassy area, can't you see her excitement in the pic?
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Kitchen Update: Fan transformation

OK, so we looked everywhere for the perfect fan for the kitchen with no luck. This is what we were looking for: it had to be small, we wanted black blades, and brushed nickel/stainless hardware. We could not find this anywhere, they were all too big or had the wrong color blades. So, Rick decided we should just paint the perfectly fine fan we already had. Here is the fan before.....
We took it down, took it apart, and cleaned it all up.
We painted it just they way we wanted. IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!
I have to say, I did not think this was going to work out. Thought it was a pretty bad idea, but it really turned out perfect! The best part....TOTAL COST WAS $7!!!! Oh, and I got totally addicted to spray paint. Wanted to paint everything, Rick had to stop me. So what do you think? I am pretty proud.

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Tanner came to town....

My dear friend from college, Tanner, was in town for a banking class so I got to meet him for an adult beverage last week. Long story short, Tanner married a friend of mine from high school, Katherine, and her sister lives here in Bham and is one if my best friends here. SO, Tanner, Rachel, Tom (also a friend from High school and now dating Rachel), and I went to Jackson's last Wed afternoon. It has been SO beautiful outside, and they have a fabulous patio. It was so GREAT to see Tanner and catch up (I hate you weren't there Katherine!). I just LOVE LOVE LOVE catching up with old friends. It reminds me of the good things life is all about.

Rachael & Tom

Tanner & me.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Rick's "minor" foot injury.

Rick rolled his ankle Monday playing basketball, and said it was a minor injury, no big deal. Does this look like NO BIG DEAL? The picture really does no justice for how bad it looks. The blood moves around in the foot every day, and changes colors. This is the most insane injury I have ever seen. Oh, and he was whats the big deal, I just tore a few ligaments. Oh no big deal just ligaments Rick. Geeze. I have been taking a lot of pics, I will keep yall posted on this.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day @ SOHO

Tuesday, Rick, Brett "Healthy", and I went to the big block party at SOHO. BOO, it was a mess. We went to Jackson's and it was complete ciaos and so packed. You had to fight for drinks too, but we made the most of it as always.

Rick, Johnny, & Healthy

Rick & me

Me, Rick, and my new friend Kate!
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While we were celebrating....

We ran into Sarah (in town from Jxn, MS) and Kelly.
And my new friend Kate! She went to high school with Rick, and I just recently found out that she also graduated from Ole Miss! Love her!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our first date.

This weekend 1 year ago was my first date with Rick! This has been the most amazing year of my life. I just adore him and couldn't be happier. For those that don't know, Rick and I were friends for 2 years before we dated. Then some of his friends that I knew also (James & Abnous), told me to come out with them and Rick, and I did't think twice about it. By the end of the night I realized we had been set up. He says he figured it out right away, but it took me a while. The rest is history.
So, to celebrate Rick took me to Highlands, where I really enjoyed an Orange Thing, as you can see below.

Dinner was fabulous too. I broke my no fish north of the gulf coast rule, and had some halibut. It was awesome. We had a great time, talking about the past year, and looking forward to the next year. Happy Anniversary to US!!!

1 year later.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Andrew & Claire's Talent Show

Friday Rick, Katherine, Mac, & I went to The Edgewood Elementary Talent Show. Claire did a exercise/dance routine with her Daisy troop. Katie had the difficult task of organizing these 25 kindergarten girls, and they were really entertaining. Claire is the one in the pink, front row, pretty close to the middle.
Andrew did some karate with a few friends from his karate class. He also broke a piece of wood with his foot. We were pretty impressed.

Here they both are after the show. Andrew was not letting that wood out of his sight, he was so proud.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Claire's "Fancy Nancy" Birthday

Sunday we went to Rick's niece Claire's birthday at Woodland park. She was VERY specific when telling us what we could get her....A Razor scooter. So that's what we got, and she was pretty excited. All the little girls dresses in "fancy" clothes, there were some high heels, feathers, tiaras, etc. They all looked precious.
Look what I found!!! One mom brought her Shihtzu puppy and I tried to explain to Rick how cute and sweet it was, and tell how Lilly needed a sister. He didn't budge. This little baby was so cute, she loved giving kisses, it was the sweetest thing. Needless to say Rick could have cared less and no puppies coming home with us anytime soon.
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Homewood Chili Cook-off

Saturday we went to the Exceptional Foundation's Annual Chili Cook-off. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, 78 degrees, sunny, perfect. They were estimating about 10,000 people came out this year. So combine the small area, and the weather, not such a perfect day to eat hot chili. We had a great time, Rick was really talking this up, but I am pretty sure he (like me) loves any excuse to day drink. After that we went to Oak Hill to watch the Auburn vs LSU game, Weagle Weagle. Then to Jackson's to meet Katherine & Mac and Walker & Heather. Good times enjoying the FABULOUS spring weather. Home by 7pm.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dining Room light old and new.


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A new back yard.

Friday on Rick's first Friday off with his new 4 day work week, he tilled the back yard, planted new grass and covered it with straw. As you can see Lilly likes her new back yard. He worked his behind off and says we should see grass in about a week. Lilly is very interested in this "straw" stuff, and just walks around sniffing it all the time. I will post pics when the grass comes in.
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Kitchen Update: dining room light

The new light we ordered for the dining room came in last week, and Rick installed it Thursday. We wanted something simple, and I think that's what we got. All that is left now is installing the TV, and finding a fan we like for the kitchen. SO CLOSE!!! Thoughts on the light?
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nashville with the Bunyards & Traci

I went to Nash this past Saturday to meet up with some dear friends of mine that live in St. Louis now. Aubree and I were friends in high school and then lived together in college, actually, next door to Chip Bunyard. Fast forward 7 years and they got married, and are living happily ever after. So we met in Nash and all stayed with Traci. We had a great time, it snowed while we were out downtown, so we were cold as....

We also ran into ELVIS! Hello!

It was great to catch up with the old crew. Love you guys, lets do this again soon!
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