Monday, November 30, 2009

Down on the Farm.....

Saturday before last we went to a wedding shower for one of Rick's best friends, Walker, and my old roommate, Heather, out at the Friedman Farm, and it was a BLAST!
Here is the happy couple...
This is Rick's crew from high school, plus a few extra, and they are all still so close. They are a pretty impressive group.
Rick and the out-of-towners, Matt & Jordan.
I love these girls, Kat, Katherine (Rick's sister), Beth, and me.
Last but not least, my little boyfriend Alex Duffy, playing the drums with Tyler. Alex was just amazed by the drums and SO wanted to be a part of the band. It was the cutest thing ever!
It was a GREAT party, and the couple were all smiles all night. That's what it's all about!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hair styles by Claire

A few weeks ago we had Scott, Katie and kids over to watch football. Claire likes to "fix" my hair when she comes over, and I love it too! I've been meaning to show you guys the finished style and here it is....

Doesn't she look proud of her work?
What do you think?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Showering Michelle & Eric

Last Friday, we helped host a wedding shower for our fabulous friends Michelle & Eric, and we had a blast. Everything turned out so nice, and everyone had a great time, especially the happy couple. Here are the pics:
Congrats M & E!! We love you guys!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coffee table makeover

Rick's dad built this coffee table over 30 years ago, so it needed a little update. After LOTS of begging, Rick gave me the go ahead to paint it and bring it in to the 21st Century. Here is the transformation:

Base coat

New hardware too! Thoughts?

Friday, November 6, 2009

This little boy knows his presidents!


The McKibbin's join the BLOG world!!!

Rick's sister-in-law has started a blog for their family (after a year of debating), and I am so excited!! I have added them to my blog list on the right, or you can check them out by clicking HERE. WELCOME KATIE!!!!

Ole Miss vs Auburn

Bright and early, Rick & I headed down to Auburn to watch the REBELS play! Our FABULOUS friend Burton had some extra tix so we went with him. Might I say his tix are AWESOME!! I was super pumped, Ole Miss was favored to win, great tix, and good friends. Well, Rick on the other hand, not so excited. He had been so sad about Auburn letting him down the past 3 games, and he said "one of us is going to leave there mad." Whatev! Needless to say half way through the game he was smiling from ear to ear, thrilled that we came to the game, and super pumped about Auburn football again. I on the other hand, was sad about the rebel defeat, but man what an INCREDIBLE game! I was a good sport, I did the Auburn chants during the game and all. Our friends Tom & Rachael (the 3 of us were the only Ole Miss fans in sight), met us at the game. Oh, and THEY GOT ENGAGED 2 days before!!!!
Here's the crew.
P.S. Excuse the rain gear, it did in fact rain, but Burton's seats are covered!!!! YAY for BURTON!!

Woodland's Annual Halloween Party

Last Friday we went to Rick's brother & sister-in-law's neighborhood Halloween Party. Last year Rick was out of town so I went alone, and he was shocked at what an event this is. The entire street goes all out with the decorations, weeks in advance. There are around 75 kids that live on this one street and they are all buddies, and so are the parents, which makes for a pretty fun party. Check out the pics:
Here is the pumpkin carving contest.
Our little family Halloween pic, as usual Lilly is thrilled.
I found all the girls later that night in Rick's niece, Claire's room, costumes no longer intact, playing ever so quietly. So quietly that the mom's sent me up to check on them.
Michelle & Eric came by , but since E is the king of having his eyes shut in pics, he didn't make the cut.
Claire tried to climb "Uncle Rick" at the end of the night, I think she was trying to get him to stay.
It was a fun party, probably more for us than all the parents since all we had to keep up with was little Lilly bears. OH, and Katie made adult punch that was great, well after I talked her into double spiking it. This didn't help me get up at 7am to head to Auburn. Thanks for having us over Woodland!!