Monday, June 30, 2008


My fabulous friends Leigh & Luke got engaged Friday night! They have been dating for 7 1/2 yrs, and are a WONDERFUL couple. I could not be more excited for them! Congrats, Love you guys!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch with the Ladners

I had lunch with the Aaron, April, & Avery Ladner today! This baby is so cute! Aaron has some work meetings here so the family came along and it was GREAT to catch up. For those that don't know Aaron, we have been the best of friends for probably 15 yrs, I adore him.

On the Road Again

Heading to Orange Beach, AL today after work for Ashley Johnson's Bachelorette Party. This will be my second weekend of 4 out of town. My poor pup thinks I don't love her anymore, leaving her with random people every weekend. My weekends in Bham are few and far between, and it is starting to get to me. A day at the beach will help that! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend! Pics when I get back.

Elias Update

I talked to Elias again yesterday, and got an update. The Dr.'s want him to stay until at least Sunday, and then they will decide if he needs skin graphs. Elias also wanted to send me pics of the burn.....I thought about posting the pics, but decided they were too much. I was hesitant to open them and when I forward them to Anna she said she almost got sick. So if you want to see the pics, email me. Keep praying for Elias. Sunday will be D day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pray for Elias

Some of you may know my good friend from high school, Elias Higdon (he also went to Auburn for you AU peeps). Well Elias had an accident with some fire Monday and was severely burned! His right arm has 3rd degree burns, and he has 2nd degree burns up his neck and face. They should know today if he is going to have to have skin graphs on his arm and hand, but the burns on his neck and face should heal fine. He is @ the University of South Alabama Burn Center and seems to be doing fine. I talked to him yesterday and he was in good spirits. So please keep Elias in your prayers. THANK YOU. Get well soon Elias!

JessiD's Birthday

The Garage for Jessi's birthday Tuesday, June 24. Jess, me, Shay, & Jen. Happy 31st Jess!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blount Wedding, Jackson, MS

Saturday morning it was off to Jackson, MS. We got to the hotel about 2pm, and headed to the pool. Little did we know there was a 10yr old baseball tournament and all the boy were staying at our hotel. Needless to say the pool was a little cloudy and full of rowdy boys. Allison & Scott Allen, and Jeanine all came to meet us and hang out at the pool for a little while before the wedding. I try to make my rounds and see everyone I can on my trips to Mississip. I HAD to have Abner's chicken fingers, and I LOVED it, Rick was not impressed.
On to the wedding reception. Will & Rachel had a small family ceremony, and a big reception at the Northpointe Red Barn, and that's exactly what it was, a red barn. After the reception we went to Julip with all the guys from college, this was entertaining. Chip Foster, (I have known for oh, 10 yrs) is a little out there, couldn't remember my name, said I looked totally different, and my hair "used" to be red.......WOW, haven't done anything to my hair. Well I introduced him to Rick, and this was a HUGE mistake! He said, how long you been dating, you happy, you going to get married, you going to marry her, this was a disaster! Then he makes Rick high 5 to all these questions. Moving on, we got to play with my favs the Tyrones! I love them, and as the party started to die down at Julip we headed to the Cherokee for a min, then late night food at Wendy's.
Sunday we went to my FAVORITE restaurant in Jxn, KEIFERS!!!! I Love it. Got to see the Tyrones for a min, and play with baby Reese, then we had lunch with Jill, Burwell, and Maime Barton. I never get to see the Bartons so this was a treat. Great weekend! Got to catch up with lots of old friends, and it was Rick's first Mississip trip. Everyone LOVED him! He is probably a little scared, but I think he did have a good time otherwise.

Will Comes to Bham

Will came to Bham Friday night to play before he had to play in a flag football tournament Saturday. We went to J. Clyde on cobble lane, then to Oasis for Meteorite & darts. Beth & James came to meet us, and "Healthy" went with us too. Service at J. Clyde was horrible, but I do love the atmosphere there, and as usual the service at Oasis was fabulous (even after it was TOTALLY packed!). Good times were had by all.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Thursday Night

Last night James & Abnous took Rick and I to dinner @ Gianmarco's in Homewood for keeping Mr. Bernie (their dog) Memorial Day weekend. We told them it was totally unnecessary, but they insisted. Dinner was great and we always have a wonderful time with the Samfords. After that we went to meet Matthew at Oak Hill because he was having a bad day.
He had some really important things to say to Rick, and Rick is a GREAT listener!
I also had the pleasure of meeting Steve & Shay Morgan. This was my attempt at taking a pic of the guys......Thanks for paying attention Rick & Stephen. Wow! Home by 11pm, and after a little pouting I was off to bed to rest up for the last day of my first week of work! My fun friend Will Miller will be here tonight, so I'm sure we will celebrate. Any takers?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Griff Stewart

For those of you that know my friend Boogie I worked with at The Stewart Org, he and his wife welcomed their 2nd baby boy Monday June 16, @ 1:02 pm. James Griffin Stewart weighted 7lbs 5oz. Congrats Stewarts!

The Bucket List

Rick and I watched this Sunday night and I LOVED IT! I think everyone should have a Bucket List. I cried and cried! even after it was over. Those of you that know me well know that I am a big believer in putting everything out there and letting the people in your life know how important they are to you. So I am starting a journal or a book of friends and family, so that if anything ever happens to me you will all know exactly what you meant to me. Anyway, watch the movie, it is out on DVD now!

Recent Lilly Pics

Fancy could not get enough of Lilly last week when she was here, but only after I took Lil to the groomer. Lilly followed her around all week! Here they are in DEEP conversation.
This one makes me so mad! I call Lilly's name, she runs to Rick, sits on his chest and stays there until he moves. Little brat! She loves him. I can't ever get her to sit with me!
I LOVE THIS ONE! She laid down in the bathroom while I was in the shower, and she never got up! I took the pic, and she didn't move. My fav part is that she looks like she had too much to drink, and thought she might get sick so she slept on the bathroom floor. (something my friends tell me they have done before) I like to pretend like this was Lilly the day after her night in the bathroom, messed up hair and all!! She is SUCH A SWEET BABY! I would be lost without this angel!

Rick's lost phone

Sunday morning we wake up, chat about the previous night, you know the usual. Well then Rick inquires about his phone. He has no clue where it is! So I look all around the house, find his shirt, wallet, keys, etc in the living phone. I call it, we hear nothing. So I head outside to check in his truck, nothing. Then I hear a faint ring, look all over in the truck, on top of the truck, I am completely CONFUSED by this point. Look all in the grass, go inside ask Rick to come out and help me, he refuses to get out of bed. So I went back outside and keep calling, finally I think this is a lost cause, but decide to look under his truck. THERE IT WAS!!!! How in the world did this man end up with his phone underneath his truck, and all the way in the middle!? He as no clue how this happened. You know I had to take a pic!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

STARTED TODAY! Great deals! Good time to stock up for bachelorette parties, etc.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I started at LAMAR TODAY! FINALLY! And I LOVE IT! Sat in on Monday morning meeting, learned a few things, lunch, then watched the US Open on the big flat screen in the conference room for 3 hrs, and finished with a brief video on the computer. Not a bad first day! Oh, and thanks so much for all the well wishes everyone sent me today! I was so touched that you all remembered, especially sweet Anna Cole down in Pascagoula.....what a peach! Can't wait for day 2! Feel like I need to go out and celebrate.

City Stages Saturday

Day 2....We headed downtown around 3 to meet some of Rick's friends at Metro Bistro before heading to CS. Had a few and let Rick call everyone he knew to see what the "radar" looked like. Then made the decision to battle the weather. We started at Blind Melon, which I must say was pretty AWESOME! We had a little sprinkle, but nothing big. Then we heard North Mississippi Allstars, Buddy Guy, and finally Ben Harper. All were pretty good, I was not impressed by ole Benny Harper, and that was SO SO SO PACKED! I mean seriously, like sardines! It was a GREAT day! I had a BLAST! Rick was finally back in town after being gone Monday - Saturday, Fancy was there, GREAT music, good friends, PERFECT! Great way to end my Fancy's trip, and my unemployment!

City Stages Friday

Fancy and I started the night at Galactic, where we met up with Rachel & Jason Waters, along with the rest of the crew. Pretty good show....
The it was on to Old Crow Medicine Show, I loved this! Fancy decided to double fist. One was hot and one was cold, so she would rotate.......or just mix them.
Then it was back to the Miller Lite Stage for The Roots, where we played with Dusty & Jess, The Dunn's, & Archie. This was REALLY FUN!
A stop by a food vendor to get Fancy some cheese fries, but oh wait, they were out of cheese! She was DEVASTATED! Then it was home for frozen pizza, Cheetos, and a bagel! What a combo! End day 1.

Thursday Margaritas and Madness

We went to Hacienda and had their 25oz Top Shelf Margaritas, some food, and a little too much fun. Then we headed to The Open Door, ran into old friends, met some new ones, and forgot that we were not going out after mexican! FUN FUN!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


WE FINALLY MADE IT TO SIX FLAGS! Fancy and I have been so excited about this for weeks. I felt like a little kid going on spring break. The weather was perfect, little if any lines, PERFECT! We had so much fun. Superman was by far our favorite, we rode twice! Fancy reminded us all day that Superman was her fav, just in case we forgot. Liz was a little scared every ride we went on, but loved every minute (eyes closed). I did the cupid shuffle with the characters, and Fancy took a short video that I am sure it totally embarrassing and will be posted somewhere on the internet, no doubt. It was a GREAT DAY! We did everything so fast and without lines that we were back in Bham, exhausted by 5pm. More pics to come when Fancy downloads. Next stop, CITY STAGES!!! Thanks for everything LIZZY! You ROCK!


Fancy came to Bham Tuesday and we headed to Atlanta. We met up with Lizzy at the ESPNzone, and we loved this place. Stadium seating, booths, tables, one big screen, about 12 smaller TVs, individual TVs at every table, and loud, loud, loud. A sports fan's DREAM! We grabbed some dinner, and watched the basketball game. They also have 25oz beers, and Fancy LOVED HERS! She was so excited about these beers! She had 2 and would have had more if we weren't leaving.
Then Liz took us to the Rooftop bar. It was so nice outside, and this was a cool little bar. We only had one drink, met a random guy named Mike, that told us the sold communism for a living, drives a minivan, and has a cat. Real impressive MIKE! Great way to pick up girls! So after our night in ATL, time to go back to Lizzy's to rest up for Six Flags. YEAH!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have totally become obsessed with The Bachelorette this season. I didn't even watch the season of the bachelor that she was on, but I love this season! Is anyone else watching? So of these guys are total goobers but that is what makes it so funny. Oh, and the fact that she is a good ole southern girl. Last night, one of the guys said one thing they had in common was they were both a little "red", HA HA HA! I laughed so much at that. Uh, probably not a good way to win a girls heart buddy!

Fancy is coming to visit today!

Fancy is coming today and staying until Sunday or Monday! I AM SO EXCITED! We are heading to Atlanta this afternoon to stay with Liz, and go to Six Flags tomorrow! I feel like a kid getting ready for spring break. I know, I am a total dork. Then City Stages all weekend, what a way to end unemployment. WOOHOO!

Monday, June 9, 2008

June Weekend

Finally the weekend! I get so excited on weekends when I have people to play with, and this Friday was no different. Friday night Rick & I went to dinner at KOBE with Abnous & James, and the food was GREAT! We had to twist Rick's arm to go there but he liked it in the end.
Saturday we did a little relaxing, yard work, more relaxing. Saturday afternoon Rick and I went to dinner with Beth & Kyle for their anniversary. I had not had a chance to get to know them so I was pretty excited about that. THEY ARE GREAT! They were full of FUNNY Rick stories. I loved that. Then we headed to Scott aka "Pappy"'s Birthday party in Hoover. The party was so nice. The weather was great, huge back deck, really nice. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PAPPY!
Sunday it was on to the lake! Rick, Walker, James, Lilly, & I went to the lake Sunday for a relaxing day of floating and sipping. It was beautiful. Later BR, Blair, & Tug showed up to play with us in the water. GREAT WEEKEND! Enjoy the pics!

All the guys
DD, Duffy, Rick, & Me
Abnous, Beth, & Kyle

Friday, June 6, 2008


I FINALLY WENT TO SEE THE MOVIE! It was so FABULOUS! Totally made me miss my girlfriends. I STRONGLY SUGGEST that every woman go see this. My mom's best friend from high school and I went to see it and she had never even seen the HBO show. SHE LOVED IT TOO! So even if you didn't watch the show, it is a great movie. Nothing I expected to happen did, it was great. It was kind of long, but I didn't even realize it until I looked at the time as I was walking out. WONDERFUL MOVIE! Best I have seen in a LONG time!!!

Happy Birthday LUKE!

This is my friend Luke Millard, and today is his birthday! He says his birthday doesn't matter because his little boy Jack's birthday is 3 days before his. I just wanted to remind him that his birthday does matter! Luke is HILARIOUS!!! I didn't know him very well, then he started working with me a Stewart, and we were instantly best friends. I feel sure he is lost without me there now. Anyway, I just found out he is an "AVID SLALOM SKIIER", he has a fabulous wife, went to BAMA, precious son, and have I mentioned FUNNY AS HELL? So.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE! I am so glad we have become such good friends, thanks for all the advice.


YEAH! Weekends = people to play with for me! This week has been SUPER BORING! I have given Lilly a bath, mowed the grass, dusted my house, mopped, done all the laundry possible, gone to the movies, wrote a few cards, COMPLETE BOREDOM! Good news is next week is my last week of unemployment, and Fancy is coming to visit!!!! We have a big week planned, heading to Atlanta, going to 6 Flags, and CITY STAGES all weekend. I can't wait. I am ending it with a bang. Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend! Much Love

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Traci's New Blog

Traci started a new blog. She was TOTALLY slacking on the last, so finally she just started a new one! Check it out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Those of you from Pascagoula, or that have ever been there, know about Edd's! This place is AWESOME! It is anyone from Goula's first stop when you pull in town. They have the BEST chillicheese burgers you have ever put in your mouth! I flippin love them, extra pickles, add mayo! I can't express to you how good these things are. I usually call my parents as I am eating to rub it in, and they usually hang up on me. Edd's has been there for a million years, and hopefully will be there for a million more. So if you are ever in Goula, or just passing through, I STRONGLY suggest a pit stop. Oh, and no credit or debit cards for you out-of-towners, check or cash.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Weekend

I was a bridesmaid in Ashley Jones & Lindsey Larsen's wedding this weekend, and everything was PERFECT! We started Friday with a bridesmaid luncheon at the Askew's house, then the rehersal, and rehersal dinner at Lindsey's Aunt's house. Let me just tell you the weather was beautiful all weekend! The rehersal dinner was wonderful, everyone toasted the happy couple with such kind, loving, words, there was a slideshow of their lives and there were LOTS of tears! It was so great to spend the weekend with all my friends I adore. Since I am really good friends with the bride and groom, it was the best of both worlds, all my girlfriends and guy friends. I AM SO LUCKY! Saturday was wedding day and once again the weather was perfect! They were married at the Old Place in Gautier, and for those that don't know this is a BEAUTIFUL old house on the river. Lindsey gave me a sweet note to give Ash, and he was so nervous. He was so sweet, and his eyes filled with tears when she walked down the isle. It was such a gift for me to be a part of this fabulous couple, their wedding, and the rest of their lives. They really are one of the sweetest most perfect couples I know. The wedding was somewhat of a Pascagoula reunion, there were friends from high school, college, friends parents that I adore, friends kids that I adore, it was all so much fun. Thanks for a WONDERFUL weekend everyone. Enjoy the slideshow below.

Jones-Larsen Wedding

Thursday in Hattiesburg

I got the chance to meet little Mr. Zach Hoffpauir! He is such a cutie and what a good baby! It was great to meet the little man and visit with his mom ever so briefly! This baby has a lot of Hoff in him, and is totally going to be a ball player! Love you guys! I also went by to visit the Tyrones, and couldn't get a good pic of baby Reese. This was also a brief visit, but it was so good to see their sweet faces. I will see you guys in 3 weeks at the Blount wedding!
Then I went to meet Fancy, and we headed to Mahogany for dinner and drinks. I forget how much I love that place. Sam came to meet us and we got a little nostalgic and decided to go to $.25 drinks at Mugshots.......MISTAKE! We were at LEAST 6 years older than everyone there, and I am pretty sure no one was over 20! Good times. Fancy is coming to stay with me next week and I can't wait!!! We will make up for that night when you get here Fancy!
As always Sam was very entertaining.......Nice SAMMY!