Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Thursday Night

Last night James & Abnous took Rick and I to dinner @ Gianmarco's in Homewood for keeping Mr. Bernie (their dog) Memorial Day weekend. We told them it was totally unnecessary, but they insisted. Dinner was great and we always have a wonderful time with the Samfords. After that we went to meet Matthew at Oak Hill because he was having a bad day.
He had some really important things to say to Rick, and Rick is a GREAT listener!
I also had the pleasure of meeting Steve & Shay Morgan. This was my attempt at taking a pic of the guys......Thanks for paying attention Rick & Stephen. Wow! Home by 11pm, and after a little pouting I was off to bed to rest up for the last day of my first week of work! My fun friend Will Miller will be here tonight, so I'm sure we will celebrate. Any takers?

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What I Know said...

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be at that dinner since you pawned Bernie off on me most of the weekend...but then again, he is NOT my dog.