Monday, June 9, 2008

June Weekend

Finally the weekend! I get so excited on weekends when I have people to play with, and this Friday was no different. Friday night Rick & I went to dinner at KOBE with Abnous & James, and the food was GREAT! We had to twist Rick's arm to go there but he liked it in the end.
Saturday we did a little relaxing, yard work, more relaxing. Saturday afternoon Rick and I went to dinner with Beth & Kyle for their anniversary. I had not had a chance to get to know them so I was pretty excited about that. THEY ARE GREAT! They were full of FUNNY Rick stories. I loved that. Then we headed to Scott aka "Pappy"'s Birthday party in Hoover. The party was so nice. The weather was great, huge back deck, really nice. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PAPPY!
Sunday it was on to the lake! Rick, Walker, James, Lilly, & I went to the lake Sunday for a relaxing day of floating and sipping. It was beautiful. Later BR, Blair, & Tug showed up to play with us in the water. GREAT WEEKEND! Enjoy the pics!

All the guys
DD, Duffy, Rick, & Me
Abnous, Beth, & Kyle

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