Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Those of you from Pascagoula, or that have ever been there, know about Edd's! This place is AWESOME! It is anyone from Goula's first stop when you pull in town. They have the BEST chillicheese burgers you have ever put in your mouth! I flippin love them, extra pickles, add mayo! I can't express to you how good these things are. I usually call my parents as I am eating to rub it in, and they usually hang up on me. Edd's has been there for a million years, and hopefully will be there for a million more. So if you are ever in Goula, or just passing through, I STRONGLY suggest a pit stop. Oh, and no credit or debit cards for you out-of-towners, check or cash.


Traci said...

looks like vomit in a white napkin. And good for the heart too! I hope you enjoy!

TRACI said...

my new blog:

Anna said...

...ummm, so good... and also, for you out of towners - they prefer an in town check, so just bring cash. when I lived in Birmingham - they looked at me one time like I had 3 heads trying to give them a Bham check... I had to put Chip's local number on it for them...haha