Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Weekend

I was a bridesmaid in Ashley Jones & Lindsey Larsen's wedding this weekend, and everything was PERFECT! We started Friday with a bridesmaid luncheon at the Askew's house, then the rehersal, and rehersal dinner at Lindsey's Aunt's house. Let me just tell you the weather was beautiful all weekend! The rehersal dinner was wonderful, everyone toasted the happy couple with such kind, loving, words, there was a slideshow of their lives and there were LOTS of tears! It was so great to spend the weekend with all my friends I adore. Since I am really good friends with the bride and groom, it was the best of both worlds, all my girlfriends and guy friends. I AM SO LUCKY! Saturday was wedding day and once again the weather was perfect! They were married at the Old Place in Gautier, and for those that don't know this is a BEAUTIFUL old house on the river. Lindsey gave me a sweet note to give Ash, and he was so nervous. He was so sweet, and his eyes filled with tears when she walked down the isle. It was such a gift for me to be a part of this fabulous couple, their wedding, and the rest of their lives. They really are one of the sweetest most perfect couples I know. The wedding was somewhat of a Pascagoula reunion, there were friends from high school, college, friends parents that I adore, friends kids that I adore, it was all so much fun. Thanks for a WONDERFUL weekend everyone. Enjoy the slideshow below.

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