Thursday, June 12, 2008


WE FINALLY MADE IT TO SIX FLAGS! Fancy and I have been so excited about this for weeks. I felt like a little kid going on spring break. The weather was perfect, little if any lines, PERFECT! We had so much fun. Superman was by far our favorite, we rode twice! Fancy reminded us all day that Superman was her fav, just in case we forgot. Liz was a little scared every ride we went on, but loved every minute (eyes closed). I did the cupid shuffle with the characters, and Fancy took a short video that I am sure it totally embarrassing and will be posted somewhere on the internet, no doubt. It was a GREAT DAY! We did everything so fast and without lines that we were back in Bham, exhausted by 5pm. More pics to come when Fancy downloads. Next stop, CITY STAGES!!! Thanks for everything LIZZY! You ROCK!

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What I Know said...

Liz looks totally terrified in this picture. She may never be the same!