Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ok, so I am embarrassed to say, I am not much of a reader, but I could not put this one down (Rick gave it to me for Christmas, and I swear it may be the best gift ever)! Sean Payton's Home Team, Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back to Life. No joke, I had to pace myself while reading this, because I didn't want it to end. Coach was so candid, funny, real, serious, and so much more when he wrote this book. I laughed, I cried, and so many times I got chills. He talked about the oh so bad days of the Saints, which were so much a part of my childhood, that made this book so special to me. If you are a Saints fan, I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. He also talks about trying to get these amazing pro athletes to move to an abandoned city, just after a major disaster, the things I personally didn't think about. That disaster was just life to me as it was the rest of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Louisiana Coast, but to move to these areas AFTER the storm, no way. I could go on and on about this, but I will just say this book is AMAZING! I LOVE COACH PAYTON AND I LOVE THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! Now go get this book, then tell me what you think. WHO DAT!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bathroom #2: Paint color?

We are about to start a little makeover on our half bath, and we need help! We are not gutting this bathroom like we did the other, so we are stuck with this beautiful blue tile. So the question is, what color do we paint the top half of the walls? I say white, but Rick is totally against this. I seriously think there is no other option?? So bring on the suggestions. Here's the room now:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


From this:
To this:
Today is my SUPERMom's Birthday! She is, BEAUTIFUL, amazing, talented, smart, kind, generous, strong, hard working, and the best role model any little girl could ask for! I hope that one day I am half the woman my mom is today!!!! I absolutely ADORE you mom, and hope you have the BEST birthday ever. Wish I could be with you to celebrate, can't wait to see you next week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bathroom BEFORE and AFTER (1 year later)

So, I realized I never posted the pics of the completely finished bathroom. All I can say is Rick and I had a VERY busy year. Better late than never. Here is what the bathroom looked like when I moved in to Rick's Bachelor Pad. Let me warn you these pics could offend some.
Are you scared yet?
Notice the beautiful pink tile, EVERYWHERE!
You can uncover your eyes now. After a month of VERY hard work by my very talented, hard working, strong, amazingly handsome, husband (mostly by himself, with a little help here and there), this is the finished bathroom!
My also talented, beautiful mother made the shower curtain for us. I searched high and low for a ceiling length shower curtain, with no luck. This was not only hard because of the length, but because Rick allows no "girly" patterns or textures in our house. Which means no floral, damask, whimsical, polka dots, pin tucks, pleats, it pretty much means only stripes or solids (Auburn patterns are also allowed). I looked into just buying fabric and having her make one, but that would have cost $150 and I couldn't find the perfect fabric either. SO, I found a Pottery Barn duvet on ebay ($60) I thought was perfect, mailed it to my mom, and she made EXACTLY what I was looking for and still not so "girly".
Rick did all the tile work in the shower and the floor.
I did contribute a little with my painting skills. I think the bathroom turned out absolutely PERFECT!!!! I LOVE THIS ROOM!!! I am so proud of the hard work Rick put into this, all while I complained about having to go to a friends house to shower for 23 days in the middle of winter. This room makes me happy and was well worth it! What do you guys think about my handy dandy husband?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rick's 3rd Annual Bowling Birthday

Last weekend was Rick's birthday, and as we have the past 3 years, we had a bowling party. I know it sounds silly, but it is REALLY FUN! Not to mention something different. Here are a few pics from the party.
Rick & Walker
Sweet Cameron's first time to bowl. She was SO amazed my the entire thing.

Rick, his dad, his brother, and nephew.
Rick is the most AMAZING man in the world, and I feel so LUCKY to have him as my husband! I get pretty excited about birthdays, and this year, I just felt like I couldn't possibly do enough to make his day special. He does SO much for me, and has made me happier than I ever dreamed! I love him madly, and am so glad I got to spend this day with this fabulous man.