Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday was a GOOD DAY!!! My favorite football team of all time, The NEW ORLEANS SAINTS, are NFC CHAMPS and, are heading to the Superbowl for the first time in team history!!!! I can't express to you what this means to me. Here are a few reasons this is so special to me: 1. I have been a Saints fan my ENTIRE life! 2. Most of my life the Saints have has losing seasons, to the point that people wore paper bags on their heads, and they were called the AINTS. 3. My dad worshiped the SAINTS like nothing I have ever seen before, and sadly he passed away last May, before he got to see his beloved NEW ORLEANS SAINTS head to their first Superbowl (I seriously think he has been up there pulling some strings to get them this far). He would have been SO PROUD!! The list could go on and on, but those are the most important. I was so excited last night, that I couldn't help but cry. Yes, I said it, I cried over a football game. My dog was in my lap when they kicked the field goal to win the game, and I may or may not have tossed her around a little. Rick, Lilly, and I all had on our SAINTS gear, and it just made my heart smile. I am so lucky to have found possibly the only true SAINTS fan in Bham, Rick! I AM A HAPPY GIRL!!! WHO DAT!!!! WHO DAT!!! WHO DAT!!! WHO DAT!!! I LOVE YOU NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!!!
Enjoy a few pics from last night celebration:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congrats Mr & Mrs Kelly!!!!

Last weekend we had our dear friends Eric and Michelle's wedding, and what a weekend!!! We celebrated Thursday to Saturday, and had to stay in bed all day Sunday completely exhausted. The rehearsal was a fabulous, the wedding was perfect, and the reception was a blast. We couldn't be happier for this couple, we just hope they don't go into hibernation like lots of our other married friends. Here is the happy couple.
My 11th run as a bridesmaid (actually honorary bridesmaid this time, but bridesmaid none the less).
Here is one of our new FABULOUS friends from Baton Rouge, Lauren.
Some new Bham friends, Christie and Shea. Love them!
And some old friends, Kate & Stephen.
It was a fabulous weekend, friends new and old, we are so lucky to have such wonderful people around us. CONGRATS E & M!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes or NO?

Tell the truth, what do you guys think of this pain color??? This was just a sample, so it's NOT too late to make a change.

THANKS Aunt Fancy!!!

Lilly's Aunt Fancy in Hattiesburg sent her/Rick a happy yesterday....a personalized Auburn jersey!!!! We were so excited!!
It fits PERFECT!
Can't you see how excited she is?
THANKS AUNT FANCY!!! We love you and can't wait for you to come see us!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bathroom progress week 4

Let me start by saying WE ARE SHOWERING!!!! Last Tuesday (23 days into the project), we took our fist showers at home, and I could not be happier!!!! Not to mention that the bathroom LOOKS AMAZING!!! Rick has worked so hard, and it is really starting to show. Rick has tiled the shower and floor, and we have put a primer coat of paint on the walls, and Rick painted the ceiling. Lots of progress this week as you can see. Still a lot of work to go, but the end is definitely in sight.

New shower.

New fixtures.
New floor.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bathroom progress day 18

WE HAVE TILE!!! Rick has been working SO hard to get us showering again, and the hard work is starting to show. Like I said before, most of the work up to now has been behind the scenes, but now look...
The shower is tiled, and he is going to grout today!!!
Here is the inset for shampoo, body wash, etc.
And the bottom border tile.

You have NO CLUE how exciting this is to me!!! It looks GREAT!!! I am so impressed by Rick's talents everyday. He is an AMAZING MAN!!! Now it is time for my work, picking a paint color, I need suggestions, and I am thinking something light since it is a pretty small bathroom. I was thinking a light gray, but someone told me that was a cool color and wouldn't go with our tile, what do you think? I am a coold color kind of girl.