Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congrats Mr & Mrs Kelly!!!!

Last weekend we had our dear friends Eric and Michelle's wedding, and what a weekend!!! We celebrated Thursday to Saturday, and had to stay in bed all day Sunday completely exhausted. The rehearsal was a fabulous, the wedding was perfect, and the reception was a blast. We couldn't be happier for this couple, we just hope they don't go into hibernation like lots of our other married friends. Here is the happy couple.
My 11th run as a bridesmaid (actually honorary bridesmaid this time, but bridesmaid none the less).
Here is one of our new FABULOUS friends from Baton Rouge, Lauren.
Some new Bham friends, Christie and Shea. Love them!
And some old friends, Kate & Stephen.
It was a fabulous weekend, friends new and old, we are so lucky to have such wonderful people around us. CONGRATS E & M!!!

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