Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bathroom progress day 18

WE HAVE TILE!!! Rick has been working SO hard to get us showering again, and the hard work is starting to show. Like I said before, most of the work up to now has been behind the scenes, but now look...
The shower is tiled, and he is going to grout today!!!
Here is the inset for shampoo, body wash, etc.
And the bottom border tile.

You have NO CLUE how exciting this is to me!!! It looks GREAT!!! I am so impressed by Rick's talents everyday. He is an AMAZING MAN!!! Now it is time for my work, picking a paint color, I need suggestions, and I am thinking something light since it is a pretty small bathroom. I was thinking a light gray, but someone told me that was a cool color and wouldn't go with our tile, what do you think? I am a coold color kind of girl.


LG said...

Love the tile! color is tricky with that. I have the same thought process as you do! I went with a smokey grey blue in our bathroom with warm tile and i love the color. It probably doesnt showcase the tile as well as a warm color but i like it!

The Coker family said...

It looks incredible! It will so be worth the wait when it's finished. Obviously, you are a kick-asterisk influence on R.B. (and his choice in tile colors)!

KellyFranks said...

Go with a more taupe-ish gray, that will warm it up a bit!