Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blount Wedding, Jackson, MS

Saturday morning it was off to Jackson, MS. We got to the hotel about 2pm, and headed to the pool. Little did we know there was a 10yr old baseball tournament and all the boy were staying at our hotel. Needless to say the pool was a little cloudy and full of rowdy boys. Allison & Scott Allen, and Jeanine all came to meet us and hang out at the pool for a little while before the wedding. I try to make my rounds and see everyone I can on my trips to Mississip. I HAD to have Abner's chicken fingers, and I LOVED it, Rick was not impressed.
On to the wedding reception. Will & Rachel had a small family ceremony, and a big reception at the Northpointe Red Barn, and that's exactly what it was, a red barn. After the reception we went to Julip with all the guys from college, this was entertaining. Chip Foster, (I have known for oh, 10 yrs) is a little out there, couldn't remember my name, said I looked totally different, and my hair "used" to be red.......WOW, haven't done anything to my hair. Well I introduced him to Rick, and this was a HUGE mistake! He said, how long you been dating, you happy, you going to get married, you going to marry her, this was a disaster! Then he makes Rick high 5 to all these questions. Moving on, we got to play with my favs the Tyrones! I love them, and as the party started to die down at Julip we headed to the Cherokee for a min, then late night food at Wendy's.
Sunday we went to my FAVORITE restaurant in Jxn, KEIFERS!!!! I Love it. Got to see the Tyrones for a min, and play with baby Reese, then we had lunch with Jill, Burwell, and Maime Barton. I never get to see the Bartons so this was a treat. Great weekend! Got to catch up with lots of old friends, and it was Rick's first Mississip trip. Everyone LOVED him! He is probably a little scared, but I think he did have a good time otherwise.


What I Know said...

You are probably getting dumped tonight based on the Chip Foster episode alone...

Lizzy said...

Gee, Chip sounds like a swell guy.