Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thursday in Hattiesburg

I got the chance to meet little Mr. Zach Hoffpauir! He is such a cutie and what a good baby! It was great to meet the little man and visit with his mom ever so briefly! This baby has a lot of Hoff in him, and is totally going to be a ball player! Love you guys! I also went by to visit the Tyrones, and couldn't get a good pic of baby Reese. This was also a brief visit, but it was so good to see their sweet faces. I will see you guys in 3 weeks at the Blount wedding!
Then I went to meet Fancy, and we headed to Mahogany for dinner and drinks. I forget how much I love that place. Sam came to meet us and we got a little nostalgic and decided to go to $.25 drinks at Mugshots.......MISTAKE! We were at LEAST 6 years older than everyone there, and I am pretty sure no one was over 20! Good times. Fancy is coming to stay with me next week and I can't wait!!! We will make up for that night when you get here Fancy!
As always Sam was very entertaining.......Nice SAMMY!


Anonymous said...

If no one was over 20 at Mugshots, then you would have been at least 8 years older than everyone else (your statement is valid if you count Fancy being younger than you). But let's just get that straight...8 years, because you are 28. Let's not fool ourselves anymore. 26 came and went.

Candice Marie said...

Who is that? Fancy is 26!!! So, I am correct! BOO!

Anonymous said...

Jesus look how big my arms are! I must have just got through picking Fancy up off the floor. It took a few reps b/c she weighs so fucking much. She is such a fatty.