Monday, June 16, 2008

City Stages Saturday

Day 2....We headed downtown around 3 to meet some of Rick's friends at Metro Bistro before heading to CS. Had a few and let Rick call everyone he knew to see what the "radar" looked like. Then made the decision to battle the weather. We started at Blind Melon, which I must say was pretty AWESOME! We had a little sprinkle, but nothing big. Then we heard North Mississippi Allstars, Buddy Guy, and finally Ben Harper. All were pretty good, I was not impressed by ole Benny Harper, and that was SO SO SO PACKED! I mean seriously, like sardines! It was a GREAT day! I had a BLAST! Rick was finally back in town after being gone Monday - Saturday, Fancy was there, GREAT music, good friends, PERFECT! Great way to end my Fancy's trip, and my unemployment!

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What I Know said...

I really like the pic of RB eating cheese fries on the curb. It's so LUCKY DOG...but he doesn't know anything about the LUCKY DOG.