Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recent Lilly Pics

Fancy could not get enough of Lilly last week when she was here, but only after I took Lil to the groomer. Lilly followed her around all week! Here they are in DEEP conversation.
This one makes me so mad! I call Lilly's name, she runs to Rick, sits on his chest and stays there until he moves. Little brat! She loves him. I can't ever get her to sit with me!
I LOVE THIS ONE! She laid down in the bathroom while I was in the shower, and she never got up! I took the pic, and she didn't move. My fav part is that she looks like she had too much to drink, and thought she might get sick so she slept on the bathroom floor. (something my friends tell me they have done before) I like to pretend like this was Lilly the day after her night in the bathroom, messed up hair and all!! She is SUCH A SWEET BABY! I would be lost without this angel!


LG said...

Those are GREAT pics! I thought the same thing about that one of her on the bathroom floor! ha

Corked Wine and Cigarettes said...

Have Rick drop off his Man Card at his nearest convenience. Also, he'll need to turn in the nickname Meatball.


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