Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rick's lost phone

Sunday morning we wake up, chat about the previous night, you know the usual. Well then Rick inquires about his phone. He has no clue where it is! So I look all around the house, find his shirt, wallet, keys, etc in the living phone. I call it, we hear nothing. So I head outside to check in his truck, nothing. Then I hear a faint ring, look all over in the truck, on top of the truck, I am completely CONFUSED by this point. Look all in the grass, go inside ask Rick to come out and help me, he refuses to get out of bed. So I went back outside and keep calling, finally I think this is a lost cause, but decide to look under his truck. THERE IT WAS!!!! How in the world did this man end up with his phone underneath his truck, and all the way in the middle!? He as no clue how this happened. You know I had to take a pic!

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