Friday, November 6, 2009

Ole Miss vs Auburn

Bright and early, Rick & I headed down to Auburn to watch the REBELS play! Our FABULOUS friend Burton had some extra tix so we went with him. Might I say his tix are AWESOME!! I was super pumped, Ole Miss was favored to win, great tix, and good friends. Well, Rick on the other hand, not so excited. He had been so sad about Auburn letting him down the past 3 games, and he said "one of us is going to leave there mad." Whatev! Needless to say half way through the game he was smiling from ear to ear, thrilled that we came to the game, and super pumped about Auburn football again. I on the other hand, was sad about the rebel defeat, but man what an INCREDIBLE game! I was a good sport, I did the Auburn chants during the game and all. Our friends Tom & Rachael (the 3 of us were the only Ole Miss fans in sight), met us at the game. Oh, and THEY GOT ENGAGED 2 days before!!!!
Here's the crew.
P.S. Excuse the rain gear, it did in fact rain, but Burton's seats are covered!!!! YAY for BURTON!!

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