Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dining Room light old and new.


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LG said...

VERy nice! I would change those curtain rods to some big ole thick brushed nickel ones to go with the light fixure! Love that paint color!

Mississippi Candice said...

Rick said "Tell LG I don't know if it's in the cards."

What I Know said...

Tell Ricky that curtain rods are a whopping $20-50 bucks a piece...What's that when you spent $20 grand re-doing it in the first place? Men...When's that bathroom project starting?

Anonymous said...

The curtian rod HAVE ti gi!!! It's like getting all dressed up and then putting on your tennis shoes!!! However, I think the stainless fan from Lowes (the one Rick liked) would be great in the kitchen. If he needs one Rg has the exact fan in a box in our garage trying to find a place to hang it :) lu u guys!