Friday, March 13, 2009

Homewood Chili Cook-off

Saturday we went to the Exceptional Foundation's Annual Chili Cook-off. It was BEAUTIFUL outside, 78 degrees, sunny, perfect. They were estimating about 10,000 people came out this year. So combine the small area, and the weather, not such a perfect day to eat hot chili. We had a great time, Rick was really talking this up, but I am pretty sure he (like me) loves any excuse to day drink. After that we went to Oak Hill to watch the Auburn vs LSU game, Weagle Weagle. Then to Jackson's to meet Katherine & Mac and Walker & Heather. Good times enjoying the FABULOUS spring weather. Home by 7pm.


KellyFranks said...

No pics??

Mississippi Candice said...

I KNOW!! I am so sad I didn't take any, and I even looked on the internet for some. It was so crowded it would have been a pain.

What I Know said...

Please tell me Rick did the Weagle Beagle chant at the bar!