Monday, April 7, 2008

Basketball Saturday

So, Saturday started out good, I cooked a full breakfast, and laid on the couch for a while. We were heading to the lake, but the power was out, so just had a lazy day. We went up to On Tap around 4pm to ensure we had a table for the Final Four Games. All was good, we ate, had a few beers, Memphis beat UCLA, and we decided to watch game 2 at my house. All was good until about 9pm when Rick started feeling sick, and then had full blown FOOD POISONING! It was pretty bad. Brad Robinson also heard me mention Pascagoula, and asked if I knew Elias Higdon, WELL BR, as a matter of fact.....Elias is one of my best friends from high school. What a small world. Elias and BR were frat brothers at Auburn, and really good friends. BR even made a trip or to the Beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. Rock on, now Elias needs to come to Bham and visit! Get well soon Ricky Bobby!

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