Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick Mom = Bored Pup

Lilly and I went over to Rick's to take care of him Monday night, and well I got sick too. I had my mind set on food poisoning so I just knew I wasn't going to get sick, but I was wrong. I didn't catch it as bad as he did but I did get something. My mom always treated me like a total baby when I was sick as a child, and he told me I needed to be tough. I'm sure I was a total baby, and I do need to get tough. Mostly I just wanted my momma to baby me! I know, I am pitiful!

While we were sick, Lilly was BORED out of her mind! She found every pile of dust possible at Rick's house, and would come to me covered in dust bunnies. It was pretty funny. She kept looking at us, like are you guys just going to lay there or are you going to play with me?

Everyone is doing much better now, Lilly is at home, Rick is back at work and heading to North Carolina this afternoon, and I am feeling better and heading to Destin tomorrow after work. Happy Wednesday!


LG said...

Oh no! Did you guys have the stomach flu? Glad you are betters!

Candice Marie said...

I think he did, I just had SUPER upset stomach for a day. Maybe just a very slight case of what he had!