Friday, April 4, 2008

Naltopia Pedi

Kelly and I went to relax after a long week with pedicures @ Naltopia. Let me just tell you about this place, it is FABULOUS! In the pic are Tony & Aysia, and they do the best nails in Birmingham! Seriously, they are the awesome. It is so laid back, you feel like you are hanging out at home getting your nails done, they will give you wine and all the magazines you could imagine. It is all the way across town from me, and I still go because it is SO WORTH IT! So here is their address and number, if you are looking for a WONDERFUL mani & pedi, call them. Make sure you let them know you heard about them here. ENJOY!
100 Frankfurt Cir
Birmingham, AL 35211


grizaham said...

I got my first pedicure the other day... It was sweeeeeet.

LG said...

that place sounds awesome!