Monday, April 28, 2008

Jeanine & Steve's wedding weekend

I am back in Bham after a long weekend in Hot Springs for the Pickering wedding, and everything was perfect! Thursday night we had a meet & greet at my parents house for the guest that came early. Friday,women's brunch, then bridesmaids manicures and lunch,rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. You know the tradition of the maid of honor giving a toast, well I really am horrible at this! I tried to keep it together, but was unsuccessful. I started talking about how long Jeanine and I have been friends, blah, blah, and how much I love her and cherish her friendship, then the tears started flowing. I had so much to say and had to cut it short because I couldn't stop crying. After the dinner a big group of us headed downtown to Capone's Ohio Club to hear this fabulous band that I am pretty sure was playing just for us! They were great and loved our group. It was a BLAST! Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! Courtney, Jacquie, Wes, and played in the sun, Wes made some fruity cocktails, and we all relaxed. WEDDING TIME! The wedding was perfect. She was married at Garvin Woodland Gardens, and this place is beautiful. So it was a great weekend, hope you guys enjoy all the pics (if I can get the slideshow to work).

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