Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I LOVE Dave Matthews Band

So as I said before DMB is my favorite band of ALL TIME!!! I just love them. Well I thought I couldn't love them more than I do already then I got this email from LG. She forwarded it from one of her friends, here is what the email reads:

So true story. Getting my haircut today. Another client was there, her husband is some big shot in Nashville (owns a restaurant or something). Anyway, we were talking about the DMB concert, and she said that her husband's company had granted this boy from Franklin, TN last wish...like the Make a Wish thing. His wish was to go to NYC and see the DMB concert and meet the band. Well, so he goes to the concert, but at the end the band is running late and can't do the normal meet and greet. But they tell him to come to the concert in Nashville, and he can meet them there, etc. Well, he was too sick Saturday night to go.

Sad, right?

No. The lady in the salon said the boy's mother called and told her that the whole band came to their house after the concert. Stayed in that little boy's room until 1 am. How amazing is that? They kept their word to him. And now the sad part...he passed away this week. But, he got his last wish twice over...his parents told the lady that he was soooo happy and it was the first time in a long time that he hadn't been down and out.
I love DMB.

OMG! Is that not the BEST thing ever?!?! I love hearing stories like this. Reminds me there are good people out there still.

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