Wednesday, May 27, 2009

McKibbin kido time

The past month we have spend a good bit of time with Rick's niece and nephew. I missed Claire's dance recital (which I was really sad about), so I went to her last dance class where and they wore their costumes. Each class was a country and Claire's class was Germany.
Another night we went to their house to eat pizza, and play. Here are Lilly and Lucy trying to be friends.
And Aunt Kat taught Claire to make a necklace out of flowers in the yard.

We also went to Andrew's last soccer game.

Fun times with the McKibbin kids.

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The Coker family said...

We can't wait to see them in person! I LOVE Claire's costume - it's so rare to see a recital costume that's actually not horrendous, much less one that's beautiful! I can't believe how grown up Andrew looks!