Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A VERY MUDDY Steeplechase

This past weekend we headed to Nashville for the Iroquois Steeplechase! I was super excited, and love any event where you get to wear a big hat. Walker & Matt's friend from college, Brad, really was a great host. He owns 4 bard on Broadway, and also has 4 tents at the actual race. He was the best! Our hotel was one block off of Broadway, so this worked out great! Friday we went to one of the 4 bars, The Stage, and this place was packed, I loved it. Saturday was an early day, so we tried not to stay out too late the night before. Race day started out interesting, the weather was not ideal, so we waited it out a little while, then headed to the park. Let me tell you, the walk into Steeplechase was a DISASTER!!!!! MUD, MUD, and MORE MUD!!! /cars were getting stuck just pulling into the parking lot. We all had to take our shoes off for the walk, and had mud past our ankles. I DO NOT do barefoot, and there was no other option. Half way to the tent, I was over it and wanted to go home. I had my entire outfit coordinated, and planned out, and this mud was really throwing me for a loop. Mud splattered on my dress, mud in my pedicure, mud, mud, mud. Finally we made it to the setup, after a short detour from Walker, and I could not have been happier. The setup was perfect, and once we cleaned the mud off. Brad's tent was directly on the racetrack. We bet on horses, drank, ate, wore shrimp boots to go to the restroom, what more could you ask for? Saturday night we went to another of Brad's bars, Crossroads, but Rick and I couldn't hang too long, and were in bed by 11. It was a GREAT weekend, and I see many Steeplechases in my future.

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The Coker family said...

So much cooler than the kind of races held in Alabama! Looks like you guys had a blast.