Friday, January 28, 2011


I am way behind, but Rick went to Glendale, AZ earlier this month for the BCS National Championship game, and cheer on his Alma Mater Auburn. Rick isn't much on details, so all I know is it was AWESOME. They went to an "AMAZING" party the night before the game that Charles Barkley hosted @ the W hotel, and there were lots of famous professional athletes there, Donavon McNabb was one of the many. Rick was pretty excited about this, well as excited as RB gets. The day of the game they parked at the stadium, and ran in to some old frat brothers who were parked 3 cars down from them, that they hadn't seen in years. I did send my camera with him and threaten his life if he didn't take lots of pics. Here are some of the best:
Outside the stadium.
Old college buds.

College and high school buds.

Rick's friend Andy (above) came through with his ticket 3 days before the game. THANK YOU ECHOLS!!!! I am so glad that Rick went to AZ and was able to be a part of AUBURN becoming the NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! WAR EAGLE RICKY BOBBY!!!

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Taylor said...

FUN! What a sweet wife to let him go without you :)