Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Decor

Here are a few pics of our Christmas decorations. This was the first year I actually tried to make our house look festive. My mom also came to visit on her way to Destin, and she is SUPER CRAFTY! So anything that looks fab, she probably did. This pic does our supper colorful tree no justice. I LOVE LOTS OF BRIGHT COLORS!!!
Got to have the fleur de lis in there somewhere (WHO DAT!). My mom did this creative masterpiece, and she also made all of our stockings. I did not get my mom's crafty genes. So sad.

Guess who decorated the door??? Yep, super mom. Isn't it so stinking cute!! I was so proud!!!!
THANKS mom for making our house and first married Christmas so festive! LOVE YOU!

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Taylor said...

your door looks so cute! hope you had a merry christmas! call me soon! we went to fairhope with another couple for new years eve- what did yall do? love you!