Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow/Ice Day 2011

While Rick was out of town for the National Championship, Bham got a snow day. It was actually more ice than snow. So I played outside for a few minutes with my ADORABLE neighbors. I just adore them.
This is Chloe.
And this sweet baby is Lola.
They were all bundled up, and so stinking cute. This wasn't very fun for them as all the snow was iced over, and very slippery! I do have to give them credit, they gave it a shot.
P.S. Before Rick left for sunny Arizona, he did ask if I needed any canned goods from the grocery store and said he would go get them for me. He also told me where all his ski gear was in case I had to walk 3 miles to his brother's house. I'm so sure I'm going to open up a can of food eat that, then trek 3 miles in the snow. Thanks RB!

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