Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our 1st official McKibbin Christmas

This is the only pic I have from our 1st Christmas. Not good, but it will have to do. Doesn't Rick look thrilled?
We celebrated with Rick's family the Wed before Christmas at our house, then left for my parent's house in Little Rock Christmas Eve. Christmas seemed so short this year since it was on a Saturday. BOO! Short trip to LR, and we were back Sunday, and back at work Monday. Rick did FABULOUS on the gifts this year. He has always been a one gifter (as in he gets me one gift, and that's it). I reminded him that he is now my husband, and he is in charge of the little things too. My gifts were: a dress, the Sean Payton book "HOME TEAM", and a gift certificate for the painting I have been eyeing for a while. I was SO IMPRESSED! Rick's gift: a trip to the national championship. It was definitely a Christmas to remember. Here is the only other pic I have from the holidays, its a pic from my company holiday party.
The McKibbins

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