Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Sorry for the lack of post, but here is my update. We hosted the party for Jess & Dusty Saturday before last, and we had a blast. That Sunday we had lunch with Rick's Brother Scott, Katie, and their kids Andrew & Claire, and had them over after for dessert because we had TONS of sweets. Monday I was off to Little Rock for Thanksgiving with the fam. My mom and I shopped most of Tuesday & Wednesday, then headed to Hot Springs for the feast. We had a pretty low key Thanksgiving, ate too much, played a little Wii (where I must say I beat my parents so many times, it wasn't fun anymore.). Friday morning Lilly and I got up early and headed back to Bham for dinner with the McKibbins. Ricks Uncles Bill & Doug and their families all came in for the Iron Bowl (Big BAMA fans). They loved picking on Rick about Auburn, and how bad Bama was going to beat them. Most of it they do for reactions, which is pretty funny. They were all wonderful people and I am so glad I got to spend a little time with them. Iron Bowl Saturday we headed over to Matthew's to watch the game, poor Auburn. Sunday we went o Rick's sister Katherine's for a fabulous breakfast with everyone before they all headed back to Virginia. Whew, I am sure you all wanted to know all about my week, REALLY EXCITING STUFF! Hope everyone had a happy and safe start to the holiday season.

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