Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Biggest deal of the bathroom....THE MIRROR

We looked EVERYWHERE for the perfect mirror for the new bathroom, I mean everywhere, with no luck. The problems was that it had to be approximately 30" x 42", and we were looking for brushed nickel, or towards the end white, or some color to match the cabinets. I did find one that was perfect, but it was $589! Rick said absolutely not. Then I found this one at Pottery Barn for $329, and we thought what a deal, right?
In the parking lot of Pottery Barn I said, lets just run to Homegoods and just see what they have. Rick was over it, and just wanted to get the mirror and go. After talking him into it LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!!
The above mirror was ONLY $29.99!!! I said, Rick lets make sure to get a good one without any scratches, he said, we got a good one, IT'S $29.99!
We also found this one, and decided to get it too, just in case the brushed nickel one didn't look good with whatever shade of gray I decided to paint the walls. This beauty was only $59.99. So in total with both mirrors we only spent $100. MUCH better than the $350 we would have spent at PB, and we are returning whichever one doesn't work. I WAS SO PROUD of myself! I think Rick was excited too, but he doesn't show too much excitement ever, so I had to share with you guys. YAY ME!!! My mom taught me well. I another bargin story to tell on the shower curtain but that will come later.

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LG said...

That is really awesome!! Ya'll have one of the best homegoods stores EVER