Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mississippi Gulf Coast Shower

Some of my bridesmaids and a couple of my friends parents hosted Rick and me a shower on the coast last weekend, and it was perfect! I know I always say that, but it really was. I was surrounded by tons of people that have known me the most of my life, some since the day I was born. I get so emotional about all things from my home town and childhood, because they all mean so much to me. These people, every single one of them, made me who I am today. The best part of it all, is they all love Rick too! We were literally showered with love last weekend, and I couldn't imagine anything better. Thanks to all that went out of your way to be there for us, especially those that hosted this amazing shower. Once again, Rick and I are SO BLESSED to have such wonderful people in our lives.
Rick and I with my sweet friend since 1st grade, Amanda.
Traci, my MOH, and Martin who I am pretty sure is on the Candice & Rick wedding shower tour.
Rick & me with my brother & sis-in-law.
May adorable parents flew down from Little Rock to be there.
These girls are have been my best friends since I can remember. I just ADORE them all! Oh, and I think Kristen is on the shower tour with Martin.

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LG said...

cute! I love seeing all your outfits for yoru wedding parties! Hope you are scrapbooking!