Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lovely lamp makeover

So Rick had this ole lamp when I moved in (3 years ago last week). I've been meaning to spray paint it for years, and last week I did it! I walked outside with the lamp, painting tape, and the spray paint, and Rick said "Wait, shouldn't we discuss these things before you just do them?" He insisted this is a "really nice" lamp, so I asked where he acquired this beauty.....Target. Don't get me wrong Target has some nice things, but come on Rick. So I moved on from that convo and started spraying.
Here is the lamp before:
Here is the paint color used:
The finished product:
I still need to get a new lamp shade, but isn't it ADORABLE???!!! I LOVE IT!!! I also LOVE spray paint. That do you guys think?


Lauren and Nick Miller said...

It's adorable! I use to think spray paint looked cheap, but it's awesome for stuff like that!

Justice and Jonathan Duhon said...

Ummmm, love it!!!

Master Blaster said...

agreed, it looks much better. no question. however...rick has a point! it makes us guys REALLY nervous whenever y'all pull out spray paint. Next time you're at our house look at the back wall of our house where kat painted some cabinet doors. Remember: painting is 90% preparation and 10% actual painting. but, overall, looks like a totally different lamp and much better, so good job!