Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Auburn vs Southern Miss game

Rick & I headed down to Auburn for the game this weekend. This was my first trip to Aub, and how perfect that they were playing Southern Miss! We stayed with Jen, Burton, & Will Dunn, @ Lake Martin, and everything was perfect. Well, other than the game was at 11:30 am. So we got in about 45 min of tailgating then headed into the game. Jen & Will went shopping, and Rick, Burton, Hecker & I sat in their seats. Awesome seats by the way! The game was a BLAST, despite USM's loss. Auburn has a lot of chants, fight songs, cheers, and I LOVED IT! Tried to learn them all, no luck. I went to the USM section for a quarter where I ran into Henry,Hawkins, Chris & Joy. Oh, I also ran into my Uncle Marc. Over all SUPER weekend. Didn't get to see much of Aub, but hope to check out the campus next time.

*Rick and I bet a 10 min back massage on the game, and I LOST! So sad!

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What I Know said...

Glad you had fun! War Golden Eagle! That's my new favorite phrase. Also, a 10 min back massage is not that long...but I have a feeling RBDF will get out the stopwatch to make sure he gets all 600 seconds.