Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YouthService Benefit

I went to a benefit @ the Barking Kudu last Thursday with Matthew & Pappy. Had a great time, but pretty sure someone slipped something in my drink. WHEW! I won a deluxe night at the Wynfrey Hotel right here in Bham. Not sure what I will do with that, but I was SUPER pumped because I NEVER win anything. I think it is a sign my luck is changing. May have to gamble a little in Vegas now. JACKPOT HERE I COME!!! Anyway, here is a video of Matthew's most awesome dancing skills, sorry it is a little dark. ENJOY!


LG said...

He is awesome!

What I Know said...

That was hilarious. I think next time, its pants off dance off, and RB HAS to participate.