Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Conecuh Birthday for Rick

I got home yesterday, and this.....
was at our door. Katherine and Mac sent this gift box of meat for Rick's birthday. For those that do not know Rick, he is a TOTAL meat and potatoes kind of guy, and he loves this sausage. SO, this was the perfect gift. He is going to try to put sausage in everything. I made dinner last night and he tried to put the sausage in my chicken casserole. Not to mention the 8 lb slab of bacon, WOW! Rick loved his meat box. Thanks Katherine & Mac.


LG said...

Conech Sausage is family friends of ours so we eat it and have for years! Its delish! ERik loves it too!

What I Know said...

Oh wow...Evergreen, AL in Conecuh County...That's EXACTLY where Officer Law pulled me over and gave me a nice $163 ticket even after I told him I was unemployed and it was Christmas. Glad to know there are SOME nice folks around there. And I can totally see Rick inventing new dishes just to incorporate his sausage. He might even try to put it in a beefblaster.

Anna Cole said...

you know who's gonna get this for our anniversary??? ha hahahhahaha... MEAT box!

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