Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitchen Update: backsplash

Rick tiled the back splash in the kitchen this weekend, and it looks GREAT! I was so impressed by him,, He did it all himself! I kept finding myself in the kitchen just watching him at work, just amazed. He is such a handy man to have around.
Doesn't it look GREAT??? I LOVE IT!!!
Now there are just a few things left, painting the other walls and door, the lighting fixtures, bar stools, etc. Just minor details. I am just so excited about it all!


LG said...

That kitchen looks amazing! I think its time for a post with before and after shots side by side!

also did he have to rent a tile saw when doing that backsplash? I want a backsplash so badly but dont know where to begin!

Mississippi Candice said...

I will post the before and after slide show when it is complete! He borrowed the tole saw from a friend. I was so impressed. Picking out the tile was the hardest part. Let us know if you have any questions.

Josh and Hailey said...

I LOVE this kitchen!! My kitchen is the only room in my 1930's house that I haven't redone! I would be overjoyed to get one like this :) Very very impressive...good job!