Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"The Crew" Holiday Party

Rick's crew of guy friends from high school has a holiday party every year, which is so fun, and amazing for a group of guys to keep up. They rotate who host the party every year and this year Rick and I volunteered. WE HAD A BLAST! It is so much fun to see all these guys together, it's like they are teenagers again. Lilly was NOT so excited for the party, she looked to Beth for protection, but this did not last long.
As you can see Matthew & James are pumped for the National Championship, as they practice for Glendale, AZ.
This is my FAV pic of the night, notice Clark Griswold in the background?
Matthew loved the eggnog.

Here are all the girls.

And the guys, James HATES taking pics as you can see in the back.

The party was great fun, with great friends, and something I look forward to all year. I just adore the wonderful group of friends I married into, I am a very lucky girl. LOTS TO BE THANKFUL FOR THIS YEAR!!!!

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Lauren and Nick Miller said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! I hope yall have an amazing fist Christmas together:) Merry Christmas!!