Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A few of us went to Dave's Pizza for Shay's birthday (which is actually Sunday, Feb. 24). We had a FABULOUS waitor! I got a little upset and had to step outside, and he came and brought me tissue! SO SWEET! All in all it was a fun gathering, hot dog curled her hair, I cried, Dusty announced that it was ELVIS DOG's actual birthday and he has now graduated to adult dog food, and ARCHIE DID NOT DO THE SOLJA BOY as promised. Dusty gave HD a fabulous photo book he made online from the year 2005, she LOVED it, she cried and couldn't even look at it! What a great gift. You all know I am totally obsessed with pics, so be on the look out, I feel a few photobooks coming on. Oh, and Bagby has a cast on his foot, and said he couldn't shave his face because of it, I LOVED THAT!

*The pics were edited by my fabulous friend Sam McAlister. THANKS SAM!


Jessica Chapman said...

i love how you put BOTH pics on the blog. so much for editing! and i should be your picture girl! who is sam? great post candy.

Candice Marie said...

You know, I can only do so much when the pizza guy is taking the picture!

Hotdog Click Esquire said...

I had a fabulous time! Thanks for getting it all together, Candy!! You are the best!!